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Through the course of the program, our team works to capture the child’s passion and potential through a combination of one-on-one sessions, group seminars, and short courses. While the program is specifically tailored to the personal needs of each student, we place a strong emphasis on helping our students grow into well-rounded individuals. Each mentor works to ensure the creation of a Stand out Factor (SOF), to help differentiate student resumes. The ultimate goal of the program is to secure admission into a good college abroad.

PrepGenius Provides

Assistance with standardised test (SAT/ ACT) planning

Guidance on course & program selection

Assistance with finalizing a college list

Brainstorming, ideating, and editing essays for college applications

Creating timelines and deadlines for applications

Preparation for admissions and alumni interviews

Guidance on financial aid and scholarships

Guidance on VISA and Financial documents preparation

Program for Classes

11th Grade-Prepping for undergrad

Our focus in 11th grade is on building an arsenal of accomplishments before the rigor of the final year sets in. We motivate students to immerse themselves in a range of academic, extracurricular, and impact-oriented projects, providing a comprehensive timeline suited to the student. We also help students identify which standardized tests they should take and when.

12th Grade -The Final leap

Our focus in 12th grade is to build upon existing extra-curricular and academic activities/proficiencies and to guide each student through the entire application process. We conduct one- to-one brainstorming sessions for each essay, and adopt an iterative process that culminates in a thoughtful and unique narrative. Our specialists also carefully vet applications and help students truly stand out.

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