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Deciding on which course to take, where to apply and preparing a college application can be daunting tasks. Looking for answers to questions on the right educational program, school or college, admission procedures, skills and profile you can be a very stressful. Our counsellors can help you and your family in selecting the right fit program and college for you and make your family’s dreams come true.

Most schools have inhouse college counsellors who will be helping you with all the necessary support for college admission and will be responsible to send your official transcripts to the universities you choose to apply.

Having your own dedicated college expert from PrepGenius will be a great resource and friend on whom your entire family can lean upon anytime asking for advice, guidance, and help on even the tiniest query. They will help the family understand the future projections of the global job market for better academic planning, assist with admission applications for top universities of the world, increasing your chances of success, open scholarship options and help you build a competitive personal profile as they understand that “where” you study is equally important as “what” you study, given the crowing competition in the international job market.


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