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How to Enhance Your Vocabulary for SAT or ACT?

Vocabulary will have a major role to play if you are planning to take the SAT or ACT exams anytime soon. There is a comprehensive English Reading and Writing section that you will have to attempt in each of these tests. So, it can be said that having a great command over Vocabulary and a strong contextual understanding of a large number of words is imperative when planning to take SAT or ACT.

The reading passages in both these tests are written by a diverse range of authors. The language written and the words used that you are likely to come across might be unfamiliar to you. Moreover, the question stems and answer choices themselves may contain some unknown words as well. This is where studying those higher-level vocabulary can particularly help.

There are several SAT coaching institutes in India that you will need to get in touch with if you are planning to take the SAT exam anytime soon.

Here is how you can enhance your vocabulary:

Read as Much as You Can:

The more you read, the more you’ll understand. If you are looking to ace the reading and writing section, then you will have to upscale your language skills with no half measures. Also, try to make use of the words you get to learn as part of your everyday life. Hold conversations with friends in English. This practice will go a long way in making you feel comfortable whilst using the English language in the long run. Approach a SAT coaching class and the teachers there would be more than happy to teach you.

Write Smaller Paragraphs to Practice Your Hold Over the Language

Writing does help. Ask someone who has cleared any of these tests and he/she will be able to tell you more about the significance of upscaling your writing skills. Also, writing flawless copies as part of the test is not enough. You will have to pay attention to detail if you are planning to clear the likes of SAT or ACT. Also, approach a SAT coaching class as soon as possible if flawless preparation is atop your agenda list.

Reading Books or watching English News Would Come in Handy

Understanding somebody else’s perspective, retaining a lot of information, being able to come back to the exact place where that thing was said without zoning out are some of the most important skills that you will require while dealing with the reading sections. Both reading and writing sections test your understanding of Rhetorical questions and your ability to bring cohesiveness in a particular text. Reading books or Newspaper articles or Watching English news is a good way of getting a command over vocabulary and a better understanding of language.

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