Important information realted to your SAT test


Saturday, 12th March 2022 


  • Face Mask
  • Your up-to-date admission ticket. (You need to print this out.)
  • Acceptable photo ID
  • Two No. 2 pencils with erasers
  • An approved calculator
  • A watch (without an audible alarm)
  • A bag or backpack
  • A drink or snacks (for your break)

Important: Print Your Admission Ticket

Even if you already printed your admission ticket when you registered, check again to make sure your test centre hasn’t changed.

Check for Test Centre changes

Check if there is any last minute change in your test centre.

Doors Open at 7:45 a.m.

All test centres’ open at 7:45 a.m. Doors close at 8 a.m., unless otherwise noted on your admission ticket. You can’t be admitted once testing has started. If you’re late or absent on the day of the SAT exam, you can reschedule.

Testing Starts Between 8:30 and 9 a.m.

Your seat is assigned, not chosen by you. Wait to be seated. Here’s what will happen next:

  • The proctor will read all instructions.
  • The proctor will tell you when to start and stop working on each section.
  • You must work within each section of the test only for the time allotted.
  • You may not go back to a section once that section has ended.
  • You may not go ahead to a new section if you finish a section early.
  • Don’t skip sections. Doing so may result in score cancellation, delays, or both.
  • After the test is finished, the proctor will collect and count the test books to make sure all materials have been turned in before dismissing you from the testing room.


There’s one 10-minute and one 5-minute break during the SAT exam, the only times you can eat and drink.

  • Keep your ID and admission ticket with you at all times. They’ll be checked every time you enter the testing room.
  • Test books, answer sheets, and calculators must remain on your desk during breaks.
  • You can’t use this time to power up devices, like mobile phones—if you do, your scores will be cancelled.


You’ll likely be done around noon.

Prohibited Devices

The following devices and aids aren’t allowed in the test centre:

  • Mobile phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers (simple digital non-smartwatches or analog watches are acceptable)
  • Audio players or recorders, tablets, laptops, notebooks, Bluetooth devices (such as wireless earbuds/headphones), or any other personal computing devices
  • Separate timers of any type
  • Cameras or any other photographic equipment
  • Pens, highlighters, or mechanical or coloured pencils
  • Books
  • Compasses, rulers, protractors, or cutting devices
  • Papers of any kind, including scratch paper
  • Earplugs
  • Unacceptable calculators


  • Keep a track of time throughout the SAT exam
  • Do not leave any question unanswered, make a guess.
  • Nervousness and anxiety are the biggest enemies for you. Keep them at bay.
  • Stay focussed and do not make careless mistakes.


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