Time Management is the Key to Success in SAT

Time Management is the Key to Success in SAT

It goes without saying that time management has a major role to play when it comes to SAT. It is not only a very important, but also a very difficult job to manage time from the beginning till the end. You might end up spending more time on certain sections specially during the initial stages of the exam and that particularly results in inability to mark all the questions accurately. So, students have to achieve a mastery in time management if they want to ace the test.

If you want to score well in SAT, then get in touch with a coaching center that specializes in SAT preparation in India. In this way, you will be able to learn more about time management and deal with pressure in a more effective manner.


Here is why time management is of utmost importance whilst preparing for the SAT exam:

You Get an Average Time of 70 Seconds to Solve Each Question

You will get an average time of 70 seconds to solve each of the questions in a SAT exam. Although it varies from section to section. In writing section, time per question goes down to 47 seconds only. However, a number of questions within the quantitative section are expected to take more than 70 seconds (depending upon their difficulty level). So, you need to stick to the time limit religiously. Only then will you be able mark the correct answers within the time and achieve a desired score. SAT classes in India will help you master the art of time management.

Train Your Brain Well

Practice hard and try to complete the test before the stipulated time. Make it a habit to complete all of your practice tests 10 minutes before the completion of the stipulated time. Also, do make it a point to take the PSAT test if you are planning to prepare for the SAT exam. In this way, you will be able to gain access to a ‘dress rehearsal’ of the SAT test. Go for SAT preparation in India right away if you are planning to take this test in 2022.

Do Not Sit on a Question for Too Long

Yes, it is very important to keep this thing in mind, if you are planning to take SAT anytime soon. If a question is creating an itch at the back of your head, then make a guess and move. Try to focus on the next question, as you cannot afford to leave any section of the test incomplete. Write as many correct answers as you can because  they will end up having a huge impact on your overall score. 

There are many ways to manage time properly

There are many ways that can help you manage your time well like improving your reading speed, mapping and annotating the text well, ordering the questions on the basis of your strong and weak areas, calculating quickly with the help of several tips. Get connected with a leading SAT Coaching institute, if you want to know these time management tips and ace the test.

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