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Know Your Strengths & Limitations for a Better Score in the SAT

Know Your Strengths & Limitations for a Better Score in the SAT

The SAT is taken by countless students every year. However, not all of them are able to score well in the exam. Well, that is because it is important to prepare well for the test if you want to score well in it. A lot of people find it hard to prepare for the section containing mathematics. All those who are not good at mathematics and statistics are often hesitant to take the exam.

It is very important to know your strengths and weaknesses before you start writing the SAT. To begin with, it is important to know what you can do and what you can’t do. Also, approach a SAT coaching centre in order to know more about the intricacies and structure of the SAT.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before writing the SAT:

Do Not Forget to Take the PSAT

The PSAT happens to be a carbon copy of the SAT. All of the first-time test takers can take the PSAT before taking the SAT in order to provide themselves with a look and feel of the SAT. The questions you get in the PSAT are quite similar to the ones that the students will get to work on during the SAT. Do focus on the section containing mathematics because mathematics is going to hold a lot of significance in this exam.

Adjust the order and time according to your strong and weak areas.

In English, there are two sections – Reading and writing. Reading is further subdivided into five different passages. You can perform better in some passages than the others like literary narrative, science or social studies over history or dual passages. After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you can order the passages i.e. you can attempt easy passages earlier and hard ones later according to your understanding. You can also allocate time to the different sections accordingly. Similarly, Math section also contains varied sections with different difficulty levels. Knowing these sections and adjusting the order according to your strengths will give you a better control and better time management. To identify your strengths and to use them to the fullest, reach out to an SAT coaching centre that specializes in SAT preparation.

Work on the Mathematics Section Without Fail

The section containing mathematical problems and equations forms the heart of the SAT. There are various types and kinds of mathematical questions and problems that the students will get to work on whilst writing and solving the SAT. To begin with, Algebra needs to be worked upon. Also, geometry and measurements (along with probability) form an important part of the section containing mathematics. SAT preparations in India can be propelled if you choose to get in touch with a professional coaching centre that specializes in SAT coaching.

A SAT coaching centre is the right place for you if you are planning to take the SAT this year. At PrepGenius, we have been focusing on SAT preparations in India for a considerable amount of time. Approach us without thinking much if you wish to focus on SAT preparations in 2022.





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