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SAT VS ACT – How to Choose the Right Test?

SAT VS ACT – How to Choose the Right Test?

 SAT and ACT are two of the most widely taken international tests. Both these tests are taken by the undergraduate students.  The students who wish to pursue their further studies from

reputed international institutions need to take these tests as a first step towards their admission process. The preparation of these tests requires a considerable amount of time, so it should be started at the right time. Many students are not aware of the actual difference between these two tests and tend to nurture a belief that SAT is a better test than ACT (or vice-a-versa).

Here are some questions that you need to answer before choosing the right test for yourself.

You like Pencil paper based format or online Format?

First and foremost , the key difference between ACT and SAT is that ACT is an online, computer-based test. The SAT remains a pencil-and-paper test. So, you have to decide which format suits you more. Approach a SAT coaching centre in India right now to prepare for this test. 

What is your cup of tea – Speed or Intense Text?

You read it right! If you can attempt a large number of questions quickly, and speed has never been an issue for you, then ACT is the right test for you. You have to attempt a greater number of questions in less time. On the contrary, SAT has more intense text and questions, but provides slightly more amount of time. So, choose wisely. 

Is SAT an Ideal Test for Non-Science Students?

ACT contains a separate Science section, whereas SAT does not. However, ACT does not test any scientific formulae or theories. The Science Test, in fact, tests a student’s reasoning skills based on a given set of scientific facts. If reading science passages really bothers a student, the SAT might be a better choice. At the same time, SAT does test scientific concepts but not through a separate science section. You have to learn a lot of concepts and tricks, so that you can complete your test accurately and within the stipulated time. So, reach out to a professional SAT coaching institute in India for a better understanding of these concepts. 

Are you an Avid writer?

There is a separate 40-minute optional essay writing section in ACT that you can take if you want to show your writing capabilities. It can provide you an edge in getting through a dream college. The Optional essay section, however, has been completely eliminated from SAT 

Are both the tests same in terms of their Acceptability?

Both SAT and ACT are widely accepted by several reputed colleges in many countries across the world.   Whether a particular country accepts both SAT and ACT scores depends on the course, specialization, and university and cannot be generalized in all cases. Undergraduate applicants must make sure to properly check a particular university’s requirements to find out whether both the tests are accepted or only one particular test is accepted. For instance, the University of Oxford accepts both ACT and SAT scores, while NUS Singapore requires SAT scores

SAT or ACT, which one is better?

Neither test is better or easier than the other. Some students perform much better and get substantially higher scores on the SAT; while others do better on the ACT. A student’s strengths and weaknesses in specific content areas are more relevant factors to figure out which test is better suited for him or her. So, it can easily be said that no test is superior as compared to the other. 

Does one need professional help to prepare for test prep?

A lot of hard work goes into preparing for college admissions and can be negatively affected with a weaker SAT/ACT score. Students, oftentimes, feel overwhelmed by the content and pattern of the test. So they need Professional Guidance and Training. They need to take proper concept classes and undertake many timed Mock tests for a desired result. So, reach out to a leading institute to get you through this process.

If you understood these questions well and have an answer for each one of them, you can decide the right test for yourself. We, at Prepgenius, help students decide which test to take through a proper process based on their capabilities and interest. So, reach out to us for taking the right decision and for preparing well.

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