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What is profile building?

Profile building entails activities undertaken to advance your career and educational goals. It includes:

  • Practical and functional projects
  • Research papers publications
  • Volunteering and Community Service
  • Industry based Internships
  • Advanced courses

Extra- curricular initiatives and achievements

What is profile building?

Why is it important?

Because the competition is increasing and only good academic grades do not guarantee admission in colleges today!
The colleges need to evaluate each student in an overall capacity.

  • In the past 6 years there has been 100% increase in the number of CBSE and IB students.
  • There has been 600% increase in those who get above 90-95% in an average.

Hence, Colleges look beyond just academic achievement of students and look for wholesome experience to understand a student’s calibre.

What all includes in Profile Building?

Profile Building
  • Academic grades, AP credits and Honours courses
  • Standardised Test Scores (ACT/SAT)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Volunteering and Social Work (CAS)
  • Your personal statement – Essay
  • Research paper publications

It’s time to start thinking about building a distinct profile that can make your application stand out amongst thousands who apply from everywhere in the world!

Okay, Now I’m ready to build my Profile! How can PrepGenius help me?

  • We have an exclusive Profile Building program that you can start from 9th grade onwards.
  • We offer Admission consulting services- where you will be guided by our experts.
  • We offer the coaching for test preps : ACT, SAT, AP, and provide academic tutoring to improve school grades.
  • PrepGenius Advantage:
      1. Tried and Tested solutions and programs.
      2. Experience of over 12 years in Robotics and STEM education and International Robotics Competition Preparation
      3. Various long, medium and short term options to choose from as per student interest.
      4. PhD Professors on board for student guidance and research paper mentoring and co-authoring.
      5. More than 30 qualified engineers as faculty and Mentors.
      6. World class experience centre cum Robotics academy in Gurgaon
      7. More than 100 Students benefitted and represented the country at International forums abroad.
      8. Internship /Volunteer opportunities

Tips to Build your Profile:

  • Start Early
      –As early as you can. But certainly, from class 9!
  • Get into various activities to discover your true passion and things that interest you.
  • Get deeply involved with stuff that you find interesting:
      –E.g. if you want to like building things or coding look at participating in National and International Robotics competitions or If you like medicine, meet and talk doctors your family may know or follow your favorite writer, musician or chef!
  • Start documenting all your achievements.
      –Create a blog to list all your achievements and what you do. Tell the whole world about it, including the colleges!
  • Continue pursuing your passions. Strive for excellence and keep moving higher. Make a mark in the field like getting your picture or an article in a newspaper or a magazine!