Why Should You Take AP Computer Science Principles?

Computer science is the engine that powers the technology, productivity, and innovation that drive the world—it keeps 3-D animation, engineering, music, app development, medicine, visual design, robotics, political analysis, and more moving forward. AP Computer Science Principles is opening doors for students around the country to understand how computing and technology shape the world around them. A school year studying computer science will help you learn and grow by applying ideas to create solutions.

About the Course

You don’t need an advanced understanding of coding to be successful in the course; AP CSP is an introductory-level course meant for all students. The only prerequisite is completion of Algebra I. During the course, you’ll learn the principles that support the science of computing and develop thinking skills computer scientists use. You’ll work individually and as part of a team to creatively address real-world issues using the tools and processes of computation.

And you don’t need a home computer—your school will give you access to computers so you can complete the course.

Create apps to track health data and provide real-time suggestions for ways to live healthier Program models and experiments that help answer biology, physics, and sociological questions
Design and build robots for use in fields like manufacturing, surgery, research, and transportation Create tools that people can use to collect money for causes they care about

Projects may include:

How You Benefit

  • Use your creativity to build programs that interest you.
  • Learn skills you can apply to a wide range of fields and interests.
  • Challenge yourself and gain confidence in your problem-solving abilities.
  • Explore ways to help your community through technology.
  • Gain computer science skills that are highly valued by colleges and employers around the country.
  • Work collaboratively to solve problems.

Expanding Opportunities

Of the more than nine million STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs available in the next decade, half will require computer science experience. No matter what your passion is—whether it’s the arts, medicine, education, or something else—computer science can help you on your career path.

Source: https://blog.collegeboard.org/why-should-you-take-ap-computer-science-principles

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