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What is SAT?


SAT is a standardized test, that measures Mathematical, English Reading, and Writing skills of students aspiring to pursue undergraduate studies abroad. The test is designed to aid colleges to benchmark the academic potential of the applicants coming from different educational systems across the world on one standardized platform. The examination is entirely a paper-based Test that is scored out of 1600 points divided equally between Mathematics (800) and English reading & writing (800). The Essay is optional and is scored in addition to 1600 points.

What is PSAT?

PSAT is like ‘mini-SAT’ which is taken by Indian students as a practice test for the SAT exam. The PSAT helps students get familiarized with the concept of standardized testing and offers excellent practice at an early stage- quite unlike the exams they typically experience in school. Just like the SAT, the PSAT assesses problem-solving skills and subject matter learned in high school in the following three areas: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. However, it is scored out of a total of 1520, unlike out of 1600 in the SAT.


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SAT-I preparatory classes. Total 100+ hours

Total of classes

22 (12 Verbal and 10 Quantitative classes)

Class duration 

2 hours for Verbal and Quantitative each

Course duration 

Two and a half months (One Verbal and Quantitative class a week )

Comprehensive study material and worksheets provided related to all topics

Trained and experienced faculty.

30+ mock tests (4 sections+essay) that are to simulate the testing experience of original SAT papers

Exhaustive review and evaluation of the answer sheets

How do we go about it

Conduct a Diagnostic test

Analyze and evaluate each student on the basis of their diagnostic test scores and set a realistic expectation for scope for improvement

Conduct classes as per the mentioned schedule

Conduct several Mock Tests

Detailed discussion and exhaustive analysis after every test to identify areas of improvement.

How is SAT organized?

The SAT has 4 sections, with an optional essay (recommended for International

test-takers), out of which 3 tests are compulsory.

1. Reading test
2. The writing and language test
3. Mathematics (No calculator) and Mathematics (with calculator)
4. Essay


58 Questions
80 Minutes

Reading Tests

52 Questions
65 Minutes

Writing and Test Language

44 Questions
35 Minutes

Essay (Optional)

50 Minutes – 1 Essay

How is SAT Scored?

  • English focusses on expression of ideas such as topic development, organization, effective use of language including questions aiming on sentence structure, correct usage of words and punctuation.
  • Math focusses on algebra, geometry, Data Analysis (quantitative reasoning, problem solving), Passport to advanced math (reasoning based questions and aptitude questions).
  • Essay focusses on how well you understand the given passage, how well you analyse (explanation of the argument), and how skilfully you express your opinion or response.

What is Super score?

Superscoring is the process by which colleges consider your highest section scores across all the dates you took the SAT. On the current SAT, this means taking your highest Math score and your highest Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) score across all test dates.

How important is SAT?

SAT is important as a key part of your application eligibility

  • Your SAT score is how colleges compare you to other applicants from around the world.
  • Your SAT scores reveal whether your GPA and transcripts are an accurate representation of your academic ability.
  • A high SAT score can make up for a lower GPA.

When should you be taking the test?

The SAT is conducted seven times a year, but the number of test date window for candidates outside the US is restricted to only 4. An Indian aspirant can take the SAT in any of the following months-October, December, March, or May.

The following are the months when you should be targeting the first and second attempts of your SAT (ideal for Indian students).


1. If you are in Grade 10, you should take your SAT attempts between the months of October to December.
2. If you are in Grade 11, you should take your SAT attempts between the months of July to October.
3. If you are in Grade 12, you should anyhow take your SAT attempts before the month of October.

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